Featured Services

Media Buying

Radio, TV, billboards, newsprint and any form of media campaigns can be negotiated and placed as quickly as one day.


All copy is written and designed in house with client feedback working hand in hand with our clients.

Radio Shows and Podcasting

Morris Media is the only agency in Columbus, OH the specializes in producing original radio and podcasting content.  Whether the shows are 30 minutes or an hour in length.

Social Media Campaigns

Every day is an opportunity to push your brand. A large portion of what drives campaigns home is the feeling that consumers get from being part of your messaging.  Through Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn specifically we drive photos, videos, and messaging weekly.

Consulting Services

Morris Media is available to review past and present campaigns to evaluate their effectiveness. While people talk ROI (return on investment) they do not show how they will get there. We will show you how to get your returns and then some on any and all campaigns.